Who is ENRKSA?

Traditional Karate

Ashtanga Yoga

The Edmonton Northern River Karate School Association (ENRKSA) is a non-profit
society that has supported community service and weekly classes in traditional
practices for over 20 years in Edmonton. 

The martial arts classes are unique and powerful. Unlike many martial arts schools,
sport is not the focus. The curriculum leads to black belt certification in Uechi Ryu
Karate Do, a Chinese/Okinawan system with ancient ties to Crane, Tiger, and Dragon
Kung Fu styles.

The Yoga taught here is the transformative Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga style, with classes
alternating between led and Mysore formats.

  • Family Rates
  • qualified instructors
  • karate and yoga integrated
  • non-competitive
  • Qi gong, meditation

“It is not good enough in a karate-do school to be a good fighter. enlightenment means growing up - we practice to know ourselves better, to bring clarity and peace to every aspect of our lives, and to take full responsibility for ourselves.”

- Sensei Ken Read, Northern River Karate School, 6th Dan

Traditional practice works - Email or call now 780-707-3693