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"Jen is a wonderful ashtanga yoga instructor. She is very observant and would correct my posture gently or demonstrate how I could do it better. She is kind and caring towards all of her students." B.C.

"What to say about Jen?  I think she is like yarrow.  Always there, colorful and strong." R.B.

"Jen's patience and thoughtful insight provide a clear path to improvement." R.T.

Yoga Testimonials

"The ashtanga yoga classes are literally life-changing. This is a welcoming, generous, supportive, nurturing, inclusive school run by some amazing people." S. B.

"I want to thank you so much for being so willing to truly teach yoga. I've found that, for the vast majority, most yoga and dance studios don't really "teach" it per se; instead, it seems to be expected that you already know everything. I am very much seeking a learning experience and I think your class will work out really well for me." E.P.

"Jen is a deeply conscientious person and Teacher who takes great care of her students and the people around her.  I've always admired her dedication, hard work and easy (& contagious) laugh." J.C.J.

"Jennifer Bustin has been my mentor and instructor for over 15 years. I started at the Edmonton Northern River Karate School when I was in junior high and Jennifer was one of the senior students. While I was attending classes in those early years, she showed enthusiasm and interest in my development that often surprised me by its sincerity and warmth. Over the course of years, I have come to know Jen as a dedicated, passionate and uncompromisingly positive person. She holds a great deal of knowledge in Yoga and Karate, but is extremely humble and always looking to learn from her students. She is always interested in knowing more about me and my practice - remembering my injuries and strengths as she guides me to the most effective and safe practice that I can achieve. Imagine someone who can push you with kindness and support, be there to help you no matter what you are dealing with. Someone who only brings positivity and compassion to her teaching and therefore encourages her students to strive for the same positivity and compassion. To say that Jen is a one in a million instructor is an understatement. She is amazing!" M.E.

"Jennifer is an outstanding karate and yoga instructor! She is aware of her students various skill levels and adapts her lessons so that she can provide a supportive and stimulating environment for everyone in the class." V.J.

"Jen's attention to detail is second to none. She makes sure she understands her own practice as completely as possible, so she can offer her instruction unequivocally. This makes her sound strict, but in fact her teaching comes from her kind and open heart, with true compassion." J.W.